Indian restaurant Lyngby

Here you are sure to be greeted by wonderful and authentic flavors.

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Centrally located in the heart of Lyngby, you'll find the historic, cobbled Lyngby Hovedgade, home to our Indian restaurant in Lyngby, India Royale.

Opening hours

We are open every day 

Monday - Friday 16:00-22:00

Saturday: 16:00 - 22:00

Sunday 16:00-22:00

(The kitchen closes at 21:30)  

Indian restaurant Lyngby

Indian food in Lyngby

When you enter our Indian restaurant, you will immediately be greeted by the scent of warm Indian spices that are guaranteed to send your taste buds on a journey to warmer climes. Our Indian restaurant in Lyngby is decorated with a focus on creating an authentic atmosphere and comfortable experience where you can dream away to the gastronomic cuisine of India for a while.

Our restaurant is on two levels with a highly coveted and delicious roof terrace on the first floor. Enjoy the view of beautiful Lyngby while we serve Indian dishes that are packed with flavor and fresh ingredients to create the best experience for our guests. 

Just a few hundred meters from our restaurant in Lyngby, you'll find the large, lovely green areas that surround Lyngby. Here you can enjoy a day in the green with the family with take away.

There are many possibilities in Lyngby - and you can also rent a canoe and explore Lyngby by water in Mølleåen or Lyngby Lake. End the day with a visit to our restaurant India Royaleor as take away, and enjoy tasty food at our Indian restaurant, which serves gastronomic and authentic food from North Indian cuisine.

Authenticity and cozy atmosphere

At India Royale in Lyngby, our focus is always on quality and taste. All our Indian dishes are prepared from scratch and the menu is built around the best ingredients on the market. 

Worth a visit 

When you visit our Indian restaurant in Lyngby, we can promise you a taste experience out of the ordinary. We never compromise on our ingredients, which are always of the highest quality. 

Enjoy the taste and aroma of the hot spices of India in our authentic dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, Chili Lamb or our vegetarian dishes like Bhindi Masala and Malai Kofta. Whether you like the taste of garlic, butter, potato or something else, our Indian restaurant in Lyngby offers a variety of different naan breads. So there's sure to be something for your taste. Also as take away.

To quench your thirst, try our traditional Indian yogurt drink, Lassi, available in three flavors. 

You can also enjoy our classic cocktail with a twist, where we always pay attention to the details. 

See you later?

If you're looking for your next gastronomic taste experience in North Indian cuisine, our Indian restaurant in Lyngby is a good choice. Visit India Royale, where we always pay attention to detail and offer a wide range of authentic Indian dishes. Our chefs and waiters are ready to welcome you inside. We look forward to seeing you at our Indian restaurant in Lyngby. Book a table in advance or order take away.

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